Spring Hair & Beauty Looks

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Spring is here and it is makeover time at The Beauty Studio on the North Shore, Auckland.

Have a look through this great link to decide what your hair and makeup look for day, evening, special occasion and bridal is going to be for this season,



Bianca Fallon.Beauty.Hair.Makeup can assist with your

  • Spray Tans $35
  • Brow Shaping & Lash & Brow tinting $40 (SPECIAL)
  • Haircuts $25
  • Hair colours from $50
  • Teeth Whitening $299 (usually $699)
  • Hair Extensions from $25
  • Makeup applications from $50


Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance & Beauty Studio Hair & Makeup Artist

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North Shore, Auckland, NZ’s top Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

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Trealise Cooper Winter 2014 N.Z.F.W.

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Trelise Cooper is a huge part of N.Z.F.W. showing each year since it’s conception.

With three shows organised for the 2013 shows, Coop Winter 2014 is her youth label and also her signature collection Trelise Cooper Winter 2014 showing twice in one day, one show for the buyers and another evening show for her sponsors all in a two day period.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With around 140 garments in each show Trelise has productions not fashion shows. She puts so much thought and effort into them with this year taking 50-60 minutes to seat everyone in The Westpac Tent.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The setting for this mammoth show was the Westpac Tent, New Zealand Fashion Weeks largest arena which featured the huge stage raised to eye level, so for me sitting front row was not the one as all you could see was the models feet. Fourth row up was the place to be on the aisle as each model stopped criss crossing the stage.
The first part was far removed from anything I have seen Trelise produce very punk with tartans, studs and models sporting up to three piercings in their noses & lips with black lipstick and huge beehive bouffant French rolls her.
Trelise’s fabrics are always a stand out for her collections and this range was also very individual.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Half way through the show a large tepee was brought down from the roof & changed the entire atmosphere which was targeted to a more mature audience who are Trelise’s bread & butter, the Remuera ladies that love the frills and signature fabrics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The pictures really do speak for themselves as there are so many garments of all description’s it is hard to pin point a theme and easier to just show you my stand out pictures.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The real triumph was when Miss Cooper took to the catwalk herself and she could’ve been mistaken for one of the models, damn she looked the best I have ever seen her, healthy and glowing and hopefully the international buyers will keep her even busier this season.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922


Deryn Schmidt A/W N.Z.F.W. 2014

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Deryn Schmidt presented ‘Capture This’ for Autumn-Winter 2014 at this years New Zealand Fashion Week.

Deryn’s daughter is her inspiration, taking her first exclusive textile silk print from a photograph her 4 year old captured.

Deryn 2

The show began with a dark palette, prints with rich velvets fabrics, 100% NZ made knit wear tunics that looked cosy warm, lightened up with champagne tones and silver sequences for evening wear, a beautiful maroon dress with a cape the draped over the front of the garments was a stand out design, with a splash of coral included.


Deryn’s forte is in smart, classy, elegant pieces with her black timeless structured jackets really hitting the spot for me.

A full range that would keep any working women’s closet happy with the versatility to mix and match season to season with design features front and back.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922


Andrea Moore A/W N.Z.F.W. 2014

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Attending N.Z.F.W. each year you learn who all of the designers are and their individual styles. The interesting bit is watching them grow every year in comparison to their previous collections and Andrea Moore this year certainly did not disappoint.

The music and lighting was spot on, the hair and makeup was strong on beautiful models that could walk, complimenting the collection showing to a packed house.

Named ‘Northern Lights’ with a fantasy flair inspired by dark Nordic woods Andrea says ‘’Scandinavia was a real inspiration this season as they have a tradition of mysterious stories and enchanted animals, yet quite Gothic and arcane, contrasted with a design aesthetic is such pure simplicity. And of course the whole region is so beautiful in winter.’’

Andrea Moore’s prints can be spotted a mile away. Her prints included graceful swans, Swarovski crystals, lots of royal blue with contrasting orange and gold jewellery featured in many of the pieces.


Jacket capes in red, black and blue with gold zipper trims and large gold feature buttons, Andreas black leather shoulder holsters, some joining into belts with an attachment for on the shoulder for soft fake fur trim in royal blue and black! Love them!


Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922


Designer Selection Shows|NZFW 2013

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

The Designer Selection Shows are a stylish snapshot of in season fashion looks and if you have never experienced a fashion show at New Zealand Fashion Week this is a must attend for you with over 30 designers including Andrea Moore, Company of Strangers, Zambesi, Hailwood, Huffer, Trelise Cooper, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Tigerlily, Twenty-Seven Names & heaps more!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Evelyn Ebery & Bianca Fallon dressed by Flaunt P.R.

I would suggest leaving home about 60 minutes early to secure a decent parking space and you can then hang out in the Laurent Perrier Champagne Lounge upstairs on Level 2 or perhaps the Bombay Sapphire Bar on the main ground floor. There are great jewellery and fashion exhibitions to view while fashion watching all of the interesting guests in their personalised outfits. Dress to impress and don’t miss getting your picture taken by the Remix team or any of the other social photographers attending like Blake from Biggie.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Company of Strangers

The Designer Selection Shows are high-energy night time shows produced over five nights. They include a seat, a huge goodie bag with treats and beauty products worth more than the value of your ticket that also gets you into the New Zealand Fashion Week venue!

Part of the fun is hustling for a front row seat and of course the wonderful goodie bags in the front and second rows. In my bag I scored some great Bonds socks and Jockey underwear in mine along with Brita water bottles, moisturisers, chocolate to get me through and much more.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Bonds

There was a lot of rookie models in this show but they did well and one poor models shoe broke on her way back down the catwalk and she recovered very nicely. It was an entertaining show that got me into the swing of working the rest of the week and my partner who was attending his first show really enjoyed himself. So ladies, don’t be shy to drag the lads along.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Darryl Northcott & Bianca Fallon Dressed by Flaunt P.R.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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Office: 09 443 7922


Designer Selection Show|The Ultimate Girls Night Out!

The Ultimate Girls Night Out!

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup is giving you & a friend the chance to experience the glitz & glamour of New Zealand Fashion Week.


The Designer Selection Shows are a stylish snapshot of in season fashion looks.

With over 30 designers including Andrea MooreCompany of StrangersZambesiHailwoodHufferTrelise CooperStolen Girlfriends ClubTigerlilyTwenty-Seven Names & heaps more!

These high energy night time shows are over five nights & a ticket gets you a coveted seat, a huge goodie bag with treats & beauty products worth more than the value of your ticket, & access into the New Zealand Fashion Week venue!

You must come early & hang out in the Laurent Perrier Champagne Lounge or the Bombay Sapphire Bar or check out the jewellery or fashion exhibitions for inspiration.

TO ENTER you & a girlfriend need to like Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup page on Facebook & if you are already a fan simply get a friend to join also to be into win!

Tickets available here – http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2013/sep/nz-fashion-week-designer-selection-shows

 Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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How To Tightline|Tutorial

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

Tight-lining is a great makeup technique that goes unnoticed to the untrained eye, you are wearing makeup & look great but people aren’t quite sure why. So grab your favorite eyeliner & give it a go!

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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Office: 09 443 7922



5min Evening Makeup|Tutorial

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

Don’t feel like spending 20 minutes doing a full makeup & your skin is looking great?

Here is a 5 minute light evening makeup application that will make you look radiant & photograph well.

Bianca dressed by www.sherylmay.co.nz

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922



Hair Extensions|Free Consultation

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

I WANT long hair unfortunately it is harder to maintain longer hair then short hair.

Depending on the texture of your hair you will need to get your ends trimmed every 12 weeks, & if your hair dresser cuts off more than you requested it is most likely because your hair needs it. Once the ends of the hair shaft split it will eventually snap off creating fly away hair, those are the little fuzzy pieces off hair usually on the top layer of the hair or around the nape of your neck.

So what’s a girl to do? I love being as natural as I possibly can but I thought I would give hair extensions ago, until it grows longer which would take me until next Christmas.

Miriama, Jo & Bianca at the Super 12 Rugby Launch
Bianca wears Brady

I have shopped around & and I have tried the hair extensions made up of Keratin that are bonded by a hot tong but I found that they dropped out after less than 6 weeks and the ones that didn’t drop out over time a deadlocked effect was created around the bond that is difficult to brush out with a hair brush and you could see and feel them when you touched my scalp, so much for natural and the worst part is they took around 3 hours to complete!

With Go Girls Hair Extensions straight away the most notable difference is that they are applied to the hair within 30 minutes and the pieces of extension tape hair are flat not round, as they are attached by 3M tape that is a flat sticky strip and 5cm in length. Another difference is that with the Go Girl Hair Extension laying flat on your own hair and scalp, the extension does not knot around the root of your hair shaft and you cannot feel it.

Ask yourself how many extensions do I need?

  • Do I want to add some colour highlights?
  • Add volume to my existing fine long hair?
  • Add length & volume my short hair?
  • Do I want bright fashion colours without bleaching?

When it came to the selection of hair shade I chose one that was the exact match of my own natural hair shade and it blended in perfectly.

When selecting your shade of hair colour you can purchase one shade or there are packets available with two tones in them for variety to get the natural look of two tone colour with out damaging your hair shaft by chemical colouring.

You can choose 1-2 shades in a pack.

#1 Deep Black,  #1B Chocolate Brown, #2 Light Chestnut Brown, #4 Light Brown, #27 Cooper Blonde, #18 Blonde, #6 Light Blonde, #8 Strawberry Blonde, #16 Platinum Blonde, #24 Whitest Ash Blonde, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, #99J Maroon.

What does work with this product is that you can make an appointment with me every 6 weeks to have them lifted closer to the scalp, similar to a colour but without the damage of applying chemicals to your hair cuticle. If they do happen to fall out I can simply pop some new 3M tape onto the extension and put it back into place, quicker and cheaper than a hair colour brilliant!

Most extensions will last 2-3 months depending on how you treat them eg: swimming at the beach or pool, excessive styling as all of these things can shorten the lifespan of the bonds.

Go Girls Hair lasts for 8-12 months!                                                                                    

When sleeping it is recommend to tie your hair in a top knot or braid it, I flip my head upside down & leave some slack in the hair tie the bonus being that this creates great root lift the next morning, the same goes for swimming as tying your hair up stops any unnecessary tangles. When I brush my hair I am careful to hold the roots of the hair to take the pressure off the extensions. You can use the same shampoos and conditioners you would normally use on your hair but stay clear of Head and Shoulders shampoo or any oil based products near your roots as this weakens the bonds. You won’t find better hair than this for the money, it is the most luxurious Remy human hair that can be curled, straightened, tongued, washed & dyed.

I love my new long hair & it has blended in really nicely with my natural hair, I wish I had done this earlier, if you would like longer hair, thicker hair or would like a new hair colour without having to colour it every 6 weeks then give Go Girls Hair Extensions a try.

To make a personal one on one appointment with me that is half the price of hair salons or to enquire about Go Girls Hair Extensions contact me on 09 443 7922 or mediamakeup1@gmail.com

Bianca wears www.brady.co.nz

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922



The Best of N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

The best of the best and a few little inside gems for you all.

Best area to be seen: The Bloggers area was right by the front door we saw you all coming and going.
New Best Friends: Writers Sammy Salsa and Sopheak Seng they have brain’s, great style and talent, respect to you both x

Truly Outrageous Show

Best Entertainment: Phoenix Truly Outrageous Makeup Show.
Best Collection: DMonic Intent New Generation Ready to Wear

DMonic Intent

Best Drink: Sugar-free Red Bull during the day Stoli Vodka Red at night.

Best Food: Bring your own lunch it is the only way to go.

Best way to get there: Public transport, no worries about parking, change or tickets!
Best Gimmick: Remix cover photos, the Remix team worked so hard and were always polite and kind even when I went back like 4x in one day!

Best Rumor: Overheard at a party away from N.Z.F.W. “Oh my god Bianca Fallon made the cover of REMIX!”

Best P.R: Showroom 22 were so organised they sent out their invites a week before N.Z.F.W. some teams were still doing the seating plans the night before!

Best ‘I’m too Cool for Skool’: Mino of Four Eyes, I love his styling but when you are shown to a seat gratefully accept it as your colleagues humbly did when shown to the third row. Mino would not be seen dead anywhere but first row and chose to opt for taking photos in the pit. Keep it real bro your lucky to get a seat, your not a buyer and we ALL saw it, but thanks for the laugh.

Danny, Mino, Chin and Alex.

Best Snub: The sun glass wearing Thane Kirby walks straight past colleagues Ricardo Simich and Andy Pickering at the Charlie Brown show, yes we ALL saw you Thane and we saw the look that the lads gave each other.
Best Song that was totally overdone: Florence and the Machine were heard at so many shows, please just stop already.
Best Seats: If not the first row then row three, ditch the second row as it is too low, but grab your goodie bag first!

KAGI Cognac Bud Pendant

Best Goodie Bag: KAGI Birds of Paradise, everyone received a beautiful necklace.

Best Day: Day 3, the shows were spread out enough for us to work, write, network and then socialise at the onsite Stoli Vodka party, they made it so easy.

Best Cat Fight: Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 attempting to get Glenn Hunt (former Pavement Creative Director) thrown out of N.Z.F.W. …so Glenn has called you a cunt in the past surely that is no reason to get someone kicked out! LOL

Best Prediction: Every year they say N.Z.F.W. won’t be back ” Yeah Right” see you next year!
Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922