Contact & Terms

Telephone: 09 443 7922    Cellular: 027 276 9545                                                                                                               Email:                                                                                                                                   Studio Location: 91b Target Rd, Wairau Park, North Shore. Please park on the road as our driveway is easy to get down and hard to back up.

Studio Hours

ALL bookings are by appointment only. If you require an earlier Mon-Fri time, please email to book. Be aware that if you want your preferred booking time, it is recommended to book 2 weeks in advance as brides tend to book 6 months in advance! Bianca offers free quotes to cater for your event  & budget. 


Freelance Industry Terms of Trade

• An email confirmation is required for all freelance bookings.                                                                                      • Upon receiving a confirmed booking with Bianca’s quote and location details, your booking is confirmed once your deposit is paid.                                                                                                                                                     • Each booking has specific terms and conditions which you agree to accept upon receiving a confirmation email from Bianca

Bridal parties & special occasion bookings:

• All quotes are pencil bookings until a deposit is made. You must communicate that you have made the deposit to confirm your booking and state your bank reference, please. Your deposit is to save the date, which is non-refundable if other requests are turned away to cater for your date and time.                                                • Due to Bianca’s busy schedule, all cancellations up to 72 hours must be given by telephone or text.
• If 72 hours or less communication is not given, the client agrees to pay 50% of the booking total within 7 days of receiving the invoice.                                                                                                                                                        • For communication with only 24 hours notice or less than 100% of the booking, the total must be paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice.
• All payments must be made at the end of the booking.
• Travel expenses may be required at Bianca’s discretion based on the kilometers traveled.

All other freelance bookings :

• Once email confirmation or the call sheet has been received, Bianca will block that time out in her schedule for your company.                                                                                                                                                                  • In the event of cancellation within 24 hours’ notice or less 100% of the total costs will be invoiced to your company, and payment must be required within 7 days.                                                                                                 • In the event of cancellation within 48 hours’ notice or less 50% of the total costs will be invoiced to your company and payment must be received within 7 days.
• In the event of cancellation within 72 hours’ notice or less 25% of the total costs will be invoiced to your company and payment must be received within 7 days.
• All bookings must be paid at the end of the booking or with prior arrangement within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

To make a cancellation: Please contact Bianca on 027 276 9545

Rights Reserved: Bianca reserves the right to cancel any booking and provide email notification if the booking is in breach of these terms of trade.

For media inquiries regarding

  • Fashion & Beauty Brand ambassador roles
  • Fashion, beauty & events writing
  • Fashion & Beauty Television presenting
  • Voiceovers

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  1. Rebecca Gallon


    My name is Rebecca Gallon and I am a Make Up Artist as well. Do you need a Make Up Artist Assistant? I have had 13 years experience doing make up.

    Kind Regards
    Rebecca Gallon

    1. Hi Rebecca can you email me at please and we can chat
      Thanks Bianca

  2. Dee Dee Smith.

    My name is Dee Dee Smith
    I am starting my training as Beauty Therapist. Specialising in make up artistry.
    as part of my course will be seeking some work experience or mentor.
    i was wonder if you are able to help me?
    I am based on the Northshore.
    Thank You.

    1. No problem Dee Dee give me a call. Bianca

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