What is tikanga, kawa, noa, tapu, wairua, mauri, taukumekume and what actually happens intangiably when people interact from a Māori worldveiw?

If you want these questions answered, my webinar is perfectly suited to explain and navigate my kaupapa, Māori models of practice and health, in a safe space.

The energy exchange/koha for private delivery is $100 per person in a group or one-on-one, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Please email for pricing of public speaking.

Please enquire further if you want an in-house delivery to your business or school at

I am passionate about Youth At-Risk and worked for 5 years with The Prime Ministers Youth Programme through Mangere East Family Services, facilitating my seminar modules.

I also had the opportunity to successfully partner with Strive, The Solomon Group, Tyla & Mangere East Family Services, and LEVA to deliver my Self Esteem for Life one-day course. If you think that your organisation would benefit from innovative content, please feel free to contact me at




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            My seminar modules are designed to stimulate, reward & educate rapidly through self-esteem & working on the student’s personal presentation and soft life skills that have been written to complement current youth development services. Please inquire about implementing my modules under your existing system if you require content.

The following modules can be broken down from a week-long course to a one-day workshop or a half-day seminar depending on the participant’s requirements.




Seminar Modules.
Module 1: Manners and Etiquette Manners
Module 2: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Module 4: Personal Grooming
Module 5: Haircare
Module 6: Makeup
Module 7: Image Styling                                      Module 8: Photoshoots

Self-Esteem For Life modules are also complimentary for corporate events, ladies’ evenings, high school life skills classes, and anywhere personal presentation is paramount. Please contact me directly for further information

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Northern Courier

Youth At Risk seminars, Prime Ministers Youth Trust
Youth At Risk seminars, Prime Ministers Youth Trust

Kia ora Bianca

It gives me great pleasure to provide feedback on behalf of the clients who attended the ‘Self-Esteem’ workshop you delivered at our Panmure Campus, East Auckland, on Tuesday, 7 December 2014.   Our Solomon Group clients were a mix of Young Parent Payment (YPP) and Youth Payment (YP). A rich and thorough programme was evident and thoroughly enjoyed by the very fortunate females on the day.

Herewith is some feedback from our clients that was fed back orally throughout the day and afterwards:

“This is a great opportunity. Is this for real? I cannot believe it. I feel spoilt. This will help me big time. I have learned some skills that will support me in the future. This is special, making me feel confident. I feel like a lady and have grown within a day. The tips and skills will help my whanau” Bianca, I was working not far away from the room you facilitated that day and could see that the clients looked really comfortable, at home and certainly looked and felt ever so special. I personally think that your ‘Self Esteem’ workshop is a stunning and meaningful way to support our young people in so many rich ways.

Visually, physically, mentally, and spiritually the very tools you have imparted to our young leaders have been very uplifting for them. I was very disappointed on our side that we had a big majority of the list withdraw at the 12th hour, and I was motivated to ensure that I had 100% attendance. For obvious reasons, this was for our attendees’ betterment and not to disappoint the hard work that goes in behind and in front by you and the support facilitator. I believe that your workshop would benefit other contracts that Solomon Group run.

For example, we have been offering and continue to provide a Whanau Ara Mua programme to currently 150 full-time students.   The kaupapa of this programme is to support and develop parents and caregivers, and it is a Level 2 Certificate in Family Learning and Child Development (120 credits).   The Values incorporated into Whānau Ara Mua include Whakapapa (establishing and recognising identity), Whānaungatanga (acknowledging the whole person and the importance of family relationships), Manaakitanga (expressing hospitality, respect and care for others) and Ako (learning in the whānau that acknowledges mutual obligations).

These clients would really value and benefit from your programme. Generally, your programme will benefit just about any nook or cranny in the community.

Nga mihi Linda Warren
Youth Service Manager

Phone: 0800 SGROUP (747 687) Ext 209, Fax: (09) 268-9230 Mobile: 021 288 7757 236 Great South Road, Manurewa, Manukau City, 2102, P O Box 75-239, Manurewa, Manukau City, 2243                  

Youth Mentoring
Youth Mentoring

17 December 2014

To whom it may concern

TYLA Youth Development Trust works alongside offending young people. There is a likelihood that offending will occur and implement early intervention models. TYLA works alongside the young person and their families to eliminate or reduce offending behaviours by offering Social and Youth Work Practice in homes, schools, mentoring, referrals and programmes.

TYLA Otara had the privilege of participating in the Beauty Hair and Makeup workshop on 5 November 2014.   Eight young women attended; seven reside in Otara and one in Papatoetoe. They attend the local colleges and Alternative Education in Manukau.

I received an email describing a dynamic programme available to young women in the South Auckland region and thought what a great opportunity for our Ladies. This programme offered the tools I believed could increase the participants’ resilience.

I would like to thank Bianca Fallon for sharing her unique gift with the young women of the Otara area. Bianca captured her audience (including us adults) and held their attention all day. I liked how she structured the modules using a holistic approach, health and well-being and makeup and hair care. Bianca’s step-by-step approach to educating the right and wrong ways of hair and makeup and looking after our bodies was extremely helpful as some of the girls were beginners, and others adorn themselves daily. The resource workbook was helpful and was full of useful information. The products given at no charge to TYLA or the families were amazing. The girls were very cheerful going home with their gifts.

Comments from participants post programme –

  • This was cool az
  • I’m going home to play with my makeup and hair
  • Can we do this again?
  • Our presents are, wayyy cool
  • I liked helping the other girls
  • Thin Lizzy, minttttt. Faa, she’s pretty.
  • I know what I’m doing now. All goods
  • I want her (Bianca) to do my makeup for the Ball
  • Cool day

A girl’s mother was anxious about her daughter participating because she was very shy, lacked confidence, and did not mix well. When the mother picked her daughter up, she was pleased that her daughter had a good day, got on well and was happy. The mother could not thank us enough.

The eight young women plus myself and a Social Work student from Manukau Institute of Technology who was on her practicum with our service, completed evaluations.

I would like to acknowledge those that funded this programme. Without your contribution, it would have been unlikely that these young ladies would have attended anything like this. This programme has encouraged our TYLA ladies of South Auckland to take pride, look nice, experiment with their looks, and take selfies, but it has given them a new understanding of who they are. I would like to see the funding continue to make a difference for our young people.

Bianca, thank you once again for your assistance.

Yours sincerely, Jackie Cherrington.


Dear Bianca

Thank you so much for giving up your time and coming over the bridge to give us such a professional and informative presentation on Thursday night to speak & implement a makeover along with Dr Frances Pitsillis  & Ani Wilson. We were excited to have three interesting women speak on topics we are all intrigued by as women.
We appreciate your expertise and effective style of informing us on effective methods of beauty and practical ways to gain the best look.
Your wealth of experience showed, and we appreciate you supporting us in our endeavour to give women and young women a better way of life.
We have raised over $1000 for the Henderson Teens Parent Unit, and we are grateful to you for helping us do this.
Regards Sue Devitt
Zonta Club West Auckland Women’s Group
I love mentoring this an article published in the Gisborne Herald
I love mentoring. This an article published in The Gisborne Herald

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