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BIANCA FALLON|Beauty.Hair.Makeup

Please enquire with Bianca about what services you would like so that we can work within your budget.      

Hourly, half-day and full-day industry rates are available. Please email

  • Makeup applications $100
  • Bridal, day, event, glamour makeup with full contouring & fibre lashes $100
  • Stage/Competition Makeup application with full contouring & fibre lashes $100- $130
  • Makeup Lessons $150 for 60 mins (Day Makeup) personalised one on one tuition with step by step photographs
  • Makeup Lessons $170 for 90 mins (Evening Makeup) personalised one on one tuition with step by step photographs       
  • Tūpāpaku hair and makeup applications P.O.A.
  • Hair Styling  and hair-ups on location from $60-$100
  • Hair straightening blow wave or GHD $50 (in-salon only)
  • GHD curls $60 (in-salon only)
  • Hair-ups from $60-95
  • Bridal Hair-up trial $100 for three styles                                                     
  • Hair cuts from $20:00
  • Long hair, dry trim along the bottom $20, fringe trim add $5, side layers add $5, back layers add $5
  • Restyles including shampoo, scalp massage and blow wave $50
  • Male dry haircut $30, clipper cut all over $15
  • Kids dry cuts $20 10 years+ & under 10 yrs $15
  • Hair colours Indola & Lendan professional from $80
  • Bring your own home colour in-salon, application $35
  • Shampoo & scalp massage $10 for 10 minutes
  • Nourishing Conditioning Treatments $20
  • Tape Hair Extensions $300 for a half head & $500 for a full head (Hair lasts 12 months+)
  • Hair Extensions re-taping every 6 weeks $80
  • Single-coloured extensions $25 each
  • Extension removal $40
  • Clip extensions available to purchase or hire
  • Blow-waves (In-studio only) 
  • Short hair $30
  • Medium $35
  • Long Hair $40
  • Extra Straightening/ GHD curls $10 extra
  • Eyebrow shaping $20
  • Eyebrow tint & lash tint $20
  • Eyebrow shape, eyebrow & eyelash tint $30 (special)
  • Upper lip cream hair removal $20
  • Spray Tans
  • Full body $35 Size 6-14
  • Full body $45 Size 14 upwards
  • Half body $25
  • Body Building from $45+
  • False eyelash application full lashes $15
  • Half lashes $10
  • Personal shopping $350    5 hours; this includes your body shape assessment, personal wardrobe & sort, then it is time to hit the shops!
  • Gift Vouchers are available.
  • Group discounts are available, please enquire.
  • Industry hourly, half-day & full day rates are available. Please email Bianca at

BEFORE you come in for your service you may need to do some preparation to ensure we keep costs down for you and to ensure the longevity of your service.

Please arrive with NO makeup on your eye area. This area will first be cleansed, and Vaseline applied to the surrounding areas to protect your skin and prevent the product from bleeding & staining. The tint is applied directly onto your hair and skin. Processing takes up to 10 minutes. The dye is removed with a wet cotton pad. You may have some skin staining around the brow area straight afterwards, and this fades after 24 hours of cleansing.

Please arrive with cleansed, toned, moisturised skin.                                                                                                        Please bring along the lip colour that you want to use later for touch-ups or I have a great range available for $10 a lippy.
Allow 60 mins for a full makeup application.

Please arrive with dry hair. Wash it 2 days before your appointment.                                                                            If it is wet, you will be charged for a blow wave on top of the hair styling.                                                                    If you change your mind after a full consolation and complete the hairstyle, you will be charged 50% extra for a new hairstyle.
Please allow 60 mins for the styling of your hair


  1. Please ensure that you shave or wax at least 8-hours prior to your spray tan.
  2. Exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells on your body.
  3. Do not use any deodorant, makeup or body lotion on the day of your booking
  4. Leave all of your jewellery and accessories at home.
  5. Wear old, dark, baggy clothing and open shoes after your tan so that it can dry without rubbing up against your skin for the first couple of hours after your spray tan, as this will affect the outcome of your tan.
  6. You may want to bring an old towel to sit on when you leave for the ride home.
  7. Try to avoid contact with water for the first 2 hours.
  8. After showering, apply moisturizer.
  9. Avoid hot baths, swimming in pools, and any skin rubbing.
  10. To maintain your spray tan, moisturise every day.


Do not brush your teeth before your appointment, as this blocks the porousness of the teeth, reducing the whitening gel’s potential. After your service, avoid any coloured foods such as red wine, beetroot, coffee, or green tea for 24 hours, please.

Studio Terms of Trade 

  • Bianca Fallon is committed to servicing you professionally as a valued client, if you are unhappy with any part of your service please contact us within 7 days.
  • Upon receiving an email from me and receiving your deposit, your booking is confirmed.
  • Each booking may require a preparation from yourself, please enquire what these may be or read the below information tips.
  • Bianca tries to be flexible with cancellations & re-bookings, but please ensure that 24 hours notice by telephone or text is given as a courtesy.
  • If you have made a deposit and only 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or less is given, 100% of the booking fee will be taken.
  • If you are booked in without a deposit and another client requests the same time, I will notify both parties to make a deposit to confirm the booking.
  • Do not be offended if you are asked to make a deposit if you have cancelled previously.
  • All payments must be finalised at the end of the booking.
  • Travel expenses may be required at Bianca’s discretion based on the kilometres travelled.

To make a cancellation: Please contact Bianca on 027 276 9545.

Rights Reserved: Bianca reserves the right to cancel any booking and provide email notification if the booking is in breach of these terms of trade, please be aware that a minimum 24-hour cancellation is expected & may incur a booking fee if repeat cancellations occur.


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  2. Heather Pilmoor

    Hi there
    I am in search of a mua and hair stylist for my wedding on 6th January 2022.
    I am wondering if you are available on this date? Also, if you charge for travel to Stillwater, Auckland.
    Thanks in advance


    1. Yes, no problem. Please contact me at and send me your hair pictures to quote you accurately, please.
      I do charge for travel however you are welcome to come to my studio also. Thanks, Bianca

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