Rongoā Māori Services

I am a kaupapa Māori practitioner with 25+ years of professional holistic therapy experience shapeshifting clients. I facilitate only on auspicious maramataka days and never during my ikura. I use

  • Karakia (prayer)
  • Whakawhiti-whiti-ra (action the crossing over)
  • Whitiwhiti korero (support & advice)
  • Kaiwhakaako (coaching) and mauri tātai tools I have developed to shift you out of resistant taukumekume & reconnect wairua to mauri-ora.

Service 1 Whakawhiti-whiti-ra Korero

The first part of the service is kanohi te kanohi (face to face) āhurutanga (safe) space is opened, and intergenerational and personal trauma is identified to position yourself and give context to the tangible and intangible experiences that have manifested in your world—a plan is developed for shifting forward out of mauri-rere toward mauri-tau. P.O.A.

Service 2 Whakawhiti-whiti-ra

After the initial kanohi te kanohi, the next service is a physical shift away from resistant taukumekume, reconnecting your wairua to mauri-ora. We relocate to the hair and makeup studio, and a range of grooming and beauty treatments will be utilised to transform you from mauri-tau to mauri-ora.


  • Kawakawa scalp massage $50
  • D.N.A. trauma removal haircuts $50
  • Mineral facial applications $80

Many of these services can be implemented immediately; however, some must be implemented over a period depending on your requirements, to achieve authenticism and self-preservation.

Men are not excluded; hair, skincare, and grooming are all areas to assist male transformation. However, my quantitative research has shown that whakawhiti-whiti-ra korero is usually sufficient to move resistant male mauri.

Some may require separate assistance from specialists I have trialled personally and have professional relationships with to achieve optimum results.

Mauri Mahi

Wairākau & Body Oils made from native rongoā plants I harvest on premium maramataka days are steeped with mauri. Are you having trouble sleeping, depression, body aches, wairua disconnection, water retention, constipation, or menstrual issues? Personalised wairākau is available only for clients that have completed service 1.

Mauri Tātai makeup brushes are blessed to ensure your wairua mauri reconnection is permeated with mauri-ora. The image at the base of the handle is Rūaumoko symbolising growth and the need for solid foundations. A makeup foundation must have a solid base to maintain the subsequent processes, which will slip off if unstable. The triangles depict an ascension through the resistance of taukumekume towards acceptance of resistant taukumekume as each step achieves change. Finally, acceptance of taukumekume is the Harrier Hawk’s self-determination, our divine selves a wairuatanga mauri reconnection.

Waitapu These liquid spritzers action an immediate sensation of refreshment, affecting one physically, emotionally, and mentally. Māori evolution from Tangaroa is a philosophy that explains the human need to cleanse the seen and unseen with water. I use Wai-Tapu to shift my clients. Infused Hawaiian Salts further the rongoā experience of preparing my client’s wairua mauri reconnection. 

Whakawhiti-rā is for all hands-on practitioners; if you, your work, school, or group would like to learn how to activate the crossing over to keep yourself and your clients safe, I have a webinar that can be delivered online or in person.

As a bi-cultural practitioner, I have the mātauranga to be able to cross the divide and explain any Māori & non-Māori aspects of my services with a kaupapa Māori educational delivery using my models of practice, understanding, and health that have been ethically signed off.

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