Rongoā Māori Services

My professional holistic therapy extends 30 years of shapeshifting clients. I am a Rongoā ACC Practitioner. Non-ACC clients are welcome to book, also.

I facilitate on auspicious maramataka days and never during my ikura.

You will experience

  • Karakia (prayer)
  • Whakawhiti-whiti-ra (action the crossing over)
  • Whitiwhiti korero (support & advice)
  • Kaiwhakaako (coaching)


1. Kanohi te kanohi (face to face)

2. Trauma-release haircut and kawakawa oil treatment.

3. Toxic trauma-release mineral face and foot facial.

4. Shapeshift mineral makeup application  

5. Mirimiri and romiromi (table work).


Rongoā Māori covers injuries, including a maternal birth injury, and you can ask ACC to pay for rongoā Māori as part of your rehabilitation.

To claim with ACC, contact them and provide your ACC claim number to activate an application.

You can request this through your ACC Recovery team member or contact them on:                         

ACC covers the total cost.

Wairākau & Body Oils

Made from native rongoā plants harvested on premium maramataka days steeped with mauri. Are you having trouble



Body aches

Wairua disconnection

Water retention


Menstrual issues

Personalised wairākau is available only for clients that have completed kanohi te kanohi.

Mauri Tātai

My makeup brushes are blessed to ensure your reconnection is permeated with mauri-ora.

The image at the base of the handle is Rūaumoko symbolising growth and the need for solid foundations.

A makeup foundation must have a solid base to maintain the subsequent processes, which will slip off if unstable.

The triangles depict an ascension through resistance towards acceptance.

Each step achieves change.

The Harrier Hawk’s self-determination, our divine selves.


These liquid spritzers action an immediate sensation of refreshment, affecting one physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Māori evolution from Tangaroa is a philosophy that explains the human need to cleanse the seen and unseen with water.

Infused Hawaiian salts open and close your service.

Do you, your business, or your school need an ethically signed-off cultural awareness delivery with models of understanding, practice and health that cross over to all hands-on practitioners.

If you want to keep yourself and your clients safe, then email me for more information at