Working With Famous Clients

After working as the Head of the Hair & Makeup, & Wardrobe Department for Maori Television for 8 years you soon get to meeting a lot of high profile people nationally and internationally, so many that you stop counting, top sports people, musicians, actors, politicians, Prime Ministers and just plain characters like the Dali Lama.
My Dad is well known so I was used to being around recognisable people and while still training at Cut Above Academy I was charged with doing fashion photoshoots for the Women’s Day and Sunday Star Times with high profile models & people, but the first really famous person (in my eyes) I ever did was actress Rena Owen right after the release of Once Were Warriors. I was straight out of Hair & Makeup school and she was exhausted having just landing after a 24hour flight from L.A. Her only request was to not make her look like Beth!
A little more experience under my belt and I would regularly ask new talent coming into the Maori Television Makeup Room what they did for a living, even if I knew and it is on the call sheet! Especially the sports stars as this put us on an even playing field as I would pretend I did not know who they are, they only person it did not work with was Greg Murphy, smart man that Greg.
When working with prime ministers their body guards would come into the makeup room and do a security sweep first and stand at the door watching guard, this happened with both John Key and Helen Clark, both very personable people making it hard to decide on voting day so one must always go back to the party policies.
Kea Awards 2015
We recently celebrated the Kea N.Z. Awards where Former prime minister Helen Clark was nominated along Victoria Ransom, Audette Excel and Beatrice Faumuina….all highly accomplished leaders in their vocations, Helen won.
What struck me personally about getting the opportunity to work with Helen again, this time I was back to freelancing, and I was grateful in a few shorts years to have relaunched and re-branded my business to such a high level to be humbly selected to facilitate the hair and makeup for these business superstars.
You would think as Helen and I had previously worked together that I this would be a breeze for me, to a certain extend yes but I recognised that when I admire the talent I get a bit shy. Her accomplishments and intelligence I respect and am in awe of, she married a Doctor her lovely husband David, tick one.
As a hair and makeup artist I ask a few polite questions to initiate communication but I usually leave it up to the talent to lead the conversation as they may just want to relax. With someone like Helen you do think heck what should I talk about, and there is no security guards present or production staff hanging on to fill in the conversational lulls.
I need not have worried as I found Helen to be even more relaxed and less concerned about her image, I personally felt when she was Prime Minister she would lessen her looks in general to maintain a relate-ability to her voters.
When she told me she liked my white platform sneakers, I explained I needed the height, she enquired what that was and exclaimed ”oh your short!”
Lol I just laughed, I love people that are direct.
Kea Awards
We chatted about my political gripes with National cutting the much needed arts funding that she personally championed that kept our industry afloat for many years, the cutting down of hospitality numbers and a few high profile people that have more happening in their personal lives then we know, makeup artist never tells.
Freelance hair and makeup artists implement their clients requests in a tiny amount of time under pressure in sometimes not ideal locations, the pluses are we get paid well and get to meet our heroes.

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Trealise Cooper Winter 2014 N.Z.F.W.

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Trelise Cooper is a huge part of N.Z.F.W. showing each year since it’s conception.

With three shows organised for the 2013 shows, Coop Winter 2014 is her youth label and also her signature collection Trelise Cooper Winter 2014 showing twice in one day, one show for the buyers and another evening show for her sponsors all in a two day period.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With around 140 garments in each show Trelise has productions not fashion shows. She puts so much thought and effort into them with this year taking 50-60 minutes to seat everyone in The Westpac Tent.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The setting for this mammoth show was the Westpac Tent, New Zealand Fashion Weeks largest arena which featured the huge stage raised to eye level, so for me sitting front row was not the one as all you could see was the models feet. Fourth row up was the place to be on the aisle as each model stopped criss crossing the stage.
The first part was far removed from anything I have seen Trelise produce very punk with tartans, studs and models sporting up to three piercings in their noses & lips with black lipstick and huge beehive bouffant French rolls her.
Trelise’s fabrics are always a stand out for her collections and this range was also very individual.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Half way through the show a large tepee was brought down from the roof & changed the entire atmosphere which was targeted to a more mature audience who are Trelise’s bread & butter, the Remuera ladies that love the frills and signature fabrics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The pictures really do speak for themselves as there are so many garments of all description’s it is hard to pin point a theme and easier to just show you my stand out pictures.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The real triumph was when Miss Cooper took to the catwalk herself and she could’ve been mistaken for one of the models, damn she looked the best I have ever seen her, healthy and glowing and hopefully the international buyers will keep her even busier this season.

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Deryn Schmidt A/W N.Z.F.W. 2014

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Deryn Schmidt presented ‘Capture This’ for Autumn-Winter 2014 at this years New Zealand Fashion Week.

Deryn’s daughter is her inspiration, taking her first exclusive textile silk print from a photograph her 4 year old captured.

Deryn 2

The show began with a dark palette, prints with rich velvets fabrics, 100% NZ made knit wear tunics that looked cosy warm, lightened up with champagne tones and silver sequences for evening wear, a beautiful maroon dress with a cape the draped over the front of the garments was a stand out design, with a splash of coral included.


Deryn’s forte is in smart, classy, elegant pieces with her black timeless structured jackets really hitting the spot for me.

A full range that would keep any working women’s closet happy with the versatility to mix and match season to season with design features front and back.

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Andrea Moore A/W N.Z.F.W. 2014

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Attending N.Z.F.W. each year you learn who all of the designers are and their individual styles. The interesting bit is watching them grow every year in comparison to their previous collections and Andrea Moore this year certainly did not disappoint.

The music and lighting was spot on, the hair and makeup was strong on beautiful models that could walk, complimenting the collection showing to a packed house.

Named ‘Northern Lights’ with a fantasy flair inspired by dark Nordic woods Andrea says ‘’Scandinavia was a real inspiration this season as they have a tradition of mysterious stories and enchanted animals, yet quite Gothic and arcane, contrasted with a design aesthetic is such pure simplicity. And of course the whole region is so beautiful in winter.’’

Andrea Moore’s prints can be spotted a mile away. Her prints included graceful swans, Swarovski crystals, lots of royal blue with contrasting orange and gold jewellery featured in many of the pieces.


Jacket capes in red, black and blue with gold zipper trims and large gold feature buttons, Andreas black leather shoulder holsters, some joining into belts with an attachment for on the shoulder for soft fake fur trim in royal blue and black! Love them!


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N.Z. Body Art|Media Makeup

Bianca, Andrew, Kim & Jane Bianca wears DMonic Intent

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

Mem Brouke & team delivered a show this year that took audiences on a journey into unknown dimensions & showing them never before seen creatures, with the 2012 NZ Body Art Showcase at the Bruce Mason Centre this September with the central theme being “The Future.”

This is the seventh annual extravaganza which Mem says ” has always offered the audience both contemporary and indigenous styles of body painting, but this year artists were asked to give their “glimpse into the future.” Gleaming scaly monsters, glow in the dark creatures and extraterrestrial beings glide across a continual catwalk, prophesising what we may come to expect in the light-years ahead.”

Cut Above Winners Bianca wears DMonic Intent

This annual event has helped promote, showcase and celebrate excellence in make up & special effects. Each year the event becomes more prestigious as the caliber & pool of contestants continue to grow with the ongoing support of judges like Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop & Auckland City has garnered it a strong reputation with the likes of World Champion Yolanda Bartram & Carmel McCormick competing.

With the development of the film and television industry in New Zealand, this N.Z. Body Art and Makeup Extravaganza is a landmark for special effects make-up bringing with it international interest to help ensure the sustained future for special effects make-up artists in this country. The awards promise to feature international artists alongside our own homegrown talent, with some international artists already registered for the September showcase.

For any up and coming makeup artists I would highly recommend competing in at least one competition as you will learn so much. It is such a supportive family environment and this is what keep pulling me back each year as a young artist from it’s humble beginnings in the local pubs into one of the only creative competitions for makeup artist in N.Z. I have competed and placed, won the N.Z. face painting competition, worked as a Team Leader back stage and this year I will be assisting with Media Liaison.

If you would like to take part in next year event registration for artists, models & volunteers are available on

Prior to the event (and highly recommended by N.Z.B.A.A. ), the Fine Art Body Painting Workshops, hosted by international body painting and world awards winners Alex Hansen and Tim Gratton, took place on the 15th and 16th of September 2012.

Bianca wears DMonic Intent

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The Best of N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

The best of the best and a few little inside gems for you all.

Best area to be seen: The Bloggers area was right by the front door we saw you all coming and going.
New Best Friends: Writers Sammy Salsa and Sopheak Seng they have brain’s, great style and talent, respect to you both x

Truly Outrageous Show

Best Entertainment: Phoenix Truly Outrageous Makeup Show.
Best Collection: DMonic Intent New Generation Ready to Wear

DMonic Intent

Best Drink: Sugar-free Red Bull during the day Stoli Vodka Red at night.

Best Food: Bring your own lunch it is the only way to go.

Best way to get there: Public transport, no worries about parking, change or tickets!
Best Gimmick: Remix cover photos, the Remix team worked so hard and were always polite and kind even when I went back like 4x in one day!

Best Rumor: Overheard at a party away from N.Z.F.W. “Oh my god Bianca Fallon made the cover of REMIX!”

Best P.R: Showroom 22 were so organised they sent out their invites a week before N.Z.F.W. some teams were still doing the seating plans the night before!

Best ‘I’m too Cool for Skool’: Mino of Four Eyes, I love his styling but when you are shown to a seat gratefully accept it as your colleagues humbly did when shown to the third row. Mino would not be seen dead anywhere but first row and chose to opt for taking photos in the pit. Keep it real bro your lucky to get a seat, your not a buyer and we ALL saw it, but thanks for the laugh.

Danny, Mino, Chin and Alex.

Best Snub: The sun glass wearing Thane Kirby walks straight past colleagues Ricardo Simich and Andy Pickering at the Charlie Brown show, yes we ALL saw you Thane and we saw the look that the lads gave each other.
Best Song that was totally overdone: Florence and the Machine were heard at so many shows, please just stop already.
Best Seats: If not the first row then row three, ditch the second row as it is too low, but grab your goodie bag first!

KAGI Cognac Bud Pendant

Best Goodie Bag: KAGI Birds of Paradise, everyone received a beautiful necklace.

Best Day: Day 3, the shows were spread out enough for us to work, write, network and then socialise at the onsite Stoli Vodka party, they made it so easy.

Best Cat Fight: Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 attempting to get Glenn Hunt (former Pavement Creative Director) thrown out of N.Z.F.W. …so Glenn has called you a cunt in the past surely that is no reason to get someone kicked out! LOL

Best Prediction: Every year they say N.Z.F.W. won’t be back ” Yeah Right” see you next year!
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D’Monic Intent N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

D’Monic Intent is a Auckland family based fashion label of Maxine Woolridge, Kris Leitch and Samara Woolridge from Nga Puhi and Ngati Mainapoto. They describe themselves as a N.Z. label that mixes aggression & attitude to create women’s street wear & don’t they do it well! With a list of awards dating back to 2007 for Villa Maria Cult Couture, Westfield Style Pasifika, Miromoda and the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards I love this label & i would wear every one of their punk princess pieces with pride.

Yes I am a huge D’Monic Intent fan, yes I would wear their clothes, and their garments look their best on the catwalk which gives N.Z.F.W. a theatrical couture feel that I think is missing from the rest of the week.
D’Monic Intent showed twice this week their first collection was Ready to Wear in the New Generation show and the second Couture Collection in Miromoda. Unusually for me I liked their Ready to Wear collection better? But if I understand the psyche of this brand I would say that they maybe playing a little joke on the fashion industry by swapping the collections around….their Couture is Ready to Wear and vice versa! Brilliant.

Their design structure is sharp maintaining an extroverted hard edge whilst working with the body taking Maori weaving techniques, Japanese structure and dragging it kicking and screaming into the twenty first century Kia Ora!
There is no need for busy signature patterns as the bold brass style of their brand specks loud and clear “Look at FUCKING ME I am wearing and have D’Monic Intension’s!”

Enter a crowd pleasing Empire T-shirt with “Fuck the Masses” a middle finger to the establishment where one has to toe a fine line between making “it” work for your business and maintaining a non conformist viewpoint from this rock-star brand who if you ever called them normal would shut up shop immediately!

The ready to wear collection of Green Gamma Shorts, Black Micron Bra and Green Nova Top along with a Green Eclipse Dress thigh high with a Leather Uranium Top with bell sleeves in weaved geometric design.

Red Omega dress with torso side cut outs and matching red Horizon Jacket, the shoulders peaking outwards so far that you could poke someone’s eye out!

Lithium Kimono thigh high Dress with long long sleeves sweeping the floor in black with a red trim edging

Black and greys dominated the couture range of a pleated halter neck sleeveless floor length dress with two front slips in the same fabric a long sleeved round necked top and a mini dress with extra long sleeves. Grey leather jackets and trench coats and a mid drift top.

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Annah Stretton N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

A 1940’s theme linked this collection together and as much as hem lines were O.T.T. baby doll short last year they have shot downwards to the mid calf length for Annah Stretton as she presented “I’ve Got a Crush On You Winter Collection 2013.

It is still feminine and floaty with an abundance of colour as Stretton took us back in time with a classic war time look with dresses upon dresses with fitted top halves and dreamy flattering skirts with added embellishments of bows on necklines, waists and frills on capped arms and front paneling

Suiting was long sleeved the “Nearness” jacket cropped with a open V-neckline & wide collar that flared at the waist in a beige floral print and matching “Expectation” fitted pant, a complimentary silhouette for any women.

Alternatively a wide legged high waisted “Rendezvous” pant in grey a “Patiently” jackets longer in the torso finishing under the buttocks in grey pinstripe. “Between You Fingers” Dress and “My Resistance” Blouse in black and white polka dot . ‘Going Steady” pencil skirt in black, little ‘Ever Ours” cardi in pink and “Lovers Ears” in white.

Evening wear was long and classy the Sincerity sleeveless Dress in nude crushed satin feature a full skirt and bowed waistline line and round collar.

Annah Stretton label is successful based in the Waikato she manages a chain of 27 fashion retail stores throughout New Zealand, export accounts to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, USA (California), Australia, and Her Magazine. I was at Annah’s Order of Merit ceremony for Services to Fashion as my father Kevin Fallon was receiving one the same day, an author and recipient of the Clicquot Award showing at N.Z.F.W. since 2002 she is very inspiring.

The goodie bag included O.P.I. Chip skip lacquer, Mita headband, Her Magazine, 28 Black Natural Energy drink, vouchers for Number One Shoes, Edible Blooms and the bag was cool to I would certainly use it again.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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Salasai N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Salasai is for a fashion forward consumer with exclusive prints from Dutch graphic designer Anouska Vandercamp, known for its effortlessly cool and sophisticated codes on dressing, for the modern man & woman Salasai has previously shown at Air New Zealand Fashion Week. Kirsha Whitcher Salasai designer established the label in 2006 and has previously shown at N.Z.F.W.

Whitcher’s understanding of design shows in each piece especially the delicate fabrics with the cut and little touches proving that she understands the human form with an innovative approach creating a range that is cohesive and this latest collection was certainly that more so than any others I have seen this week.
The theme Heartlands takes a 80’s cut wild west with the colour selection and a Aztec geometric print in cream, navy and brown with black.

This print was used extensively throughout the full diverse range of belted jeans, dresses, shirts with collars and black sleeves.
T-shirt dresses, V-neck short sleeved shirt with no collar, a lovely long black sleeved top with a wide neckline in a fabric that glided over the models body, a top with a black pleated skirt, jeans with the pattern on the front and black fabric on the back, a scarf, a suit, it also featured in men’s wear with a short sleeved button up men’s shirt, round necked T-shirt.

All of the suits were cut the same with 3/4 length sleeves, double breasted, gold buttons and lapel collar, very 80’s cut in Khaki to open the show and in the geometric pattern and yellow along with the shirt a pale yellow hue was used for a suit and a chiffon shirt, and two dresses.
A garment for men I have never seen was a nude chiffon high neck button shirt with a black collar and a ladies round necked top black point sleeves with a nude bow on the neckline teamed with black pants.
A feminine silk navy belted jumpsuit with shoe string straps worked along side maroon dresses and peel me on maroon leather pants.

Aubergine jeans and short sleeved round necked t-shirt for men and two plaid short sleeved collared shirts in navy/white and also maroon/yellow tied the patterned fabrics in the range, finishing off with a large knitted long sleeved jumper in maroon wool on the front and black on the sleeves and back, the colour contrast popped the front of the piece, teamed with leather pants.

The goodie bags contained O.P.I black nail lacquer, Narciso Rodriguez Eau De Parfum, Issey Miyake pocket mirror & Fleur De Bois, Eau De Toilette Limited Edition, Discount for Vidal Wines and DFS Galleria.

Sold in leading boutiques throughout New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, Whitcher’s focus is now on establishing representation in the Asia Pacific and European regions.

Bianca dressed by Talosia Designs
Bianca’s Accessories from Bird of Prey

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Daniel K N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

A highlight of the New Generation fashion show was Auckland based brand Daniel K designer Vanessa Kim presents the ‘Ombres Chinoises’ collection inspired by work of Chritian Boltanski, ‘Play of shadows’. Questioning oblivion & living with your own memories, remembering, forgetting, hurtful things that scar, growing up and developing your identity. Interpreting your memories, perception and maturity through fabric, patterns and designs using the rope as a symbol of perception.

A rope themed design featured throughout the fabrics in this collection and it is smarter than the look at me you know I am wearing “such and such label” designs I have seen this week.
The design cleverly added interest to the garments without dominating and taking away from them.
A rope silk top with half sleeves in beige and grey ropes print, blouse dress stone blue/beige, rope blouse and rope leggings in green/grey.

The rope fabric, mid calf length dress in dominating grey with beige rope and red bleeding silicon around the neckline along with a black dress with more interesting 3D surface enhanced fabric in silicon rope, in red bleeding down the neckline.

Olive green and black garments also featured, olive pants, black and olive paneled sleeveless top, Black jacket, olive and green paneled dress, black wide knee length shorts, with a maxi knit cardi and long ankle length tan or olive green cardigan.

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