Hair & Makeup Before & After 2020

     Welcome to 2020, alot has changed in the beauty world with digital technology allowing beauty influencers to direct makeup beauty trends previously evolved from the catwalk looks of Fashion Weeks around the world.

Now we have a new generation of online beauty makeup artist influencers who although good at their craft, create fashionable looks that appear great in the studio and under strong lighting but do not translate well into the real world.

Meaning you at a special occasion, you as a natural glowing bride, you at a day event wanting to look your best, but real, without people walking past not recognising you! Lol

There is a place for online makeup applications and that is online. 

You would have heard of filters but have you heard of Face-tune?

This is an app that allows makeup artist influencers to edit their photographic work so that the model appears perfectly flawless which is not realistic, so do your research. 

Below is some of my recent work that has been taken on my camera phone, no editing, no filter and certainly no Face-tune!

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20190808_1647361720190816_16180720191129_003242Nicola BridalKhaylaFerris

Northcott-Fallon Family Portraits (19)

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