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I am a bride but where do I begin?!

Begin making decisions on your appearance by researching magazines for the hair & makeup photographs that appeal to you.Begin making decisions on your appearance by researching magazines

Create a scrapbook of pictures with which you can show me your likes and dislikes.

Chris With the bridesmaids I create a repetitive image for them through their hairstyles & makeup colours.                                                                 If the bride has her hair up and straight with natural makeup then the bridesmaids have their hair curly and down with coloured makeup  and vice versa, this makes the bride stand out visually therefore not blending in with the bridesmaids.facial structure, my reasoning for this is so that the bridesmaid’s look as far removed from the bride as possible. I will personalise a look for them so that it is still tailored to their individual style.

Women’s Day Fashion Shoot

Bridal Checklist

Getting ready for your big event begins a week in advance, if you want to be the star of your day prepping is just as important  as on the day will only add to your confidence

  • Eyebrows shaped if you have never shaped your brows for  photographic purposes you should, shaping your brows will open your eyes up especially if they are deep set…please book in with me at least 2-3 days before your big day or on the day of your appointment if on location $20

• Eyebrow & eyelash tinting will make a huge point of difference in your grooming & self-esteem & even better it lasts 4-6 weeks $20-$30

 • Fingernails & toenails should be manicured & polished, I would recommend Colour Gloss Nails. This polish last 2-3 weeks so you can have them tended to a week in advance, please request a referral from me for a manicurist in your areaYen

• Hair should be trimmed & coloured a few weeks before your event and if it is long a deep conditioning treatment will add shine from $20.  For hair styling on the day please wash your hair 2 days before the event then leave it as this makes hair easier to style, and a clean head of hair will only fall out easier.

• Hair Extensions are perfect if you require, length and volume, or if you would like some colour without using chemicals in your precious hair from $25. I have hire hair pieces available for your use from $90 including bond.

• Professional Teeth Whitening is also available in my studio, usually costing a pricey $699. This lasts about 8-12months depending on the amount of staining food you consume & it only takes 30-40mins for your appointment, whitening changes lives & is a huge image improver, & I get it for only $299!!

• Spray Tanning will give the impression of taking 5-10kilos off you frame! Who doesn’t look healthier & hotter with a tan?! Please book in with me at least 2-3 days before your big day, preferably in the afternoon so that you can go home afterwards while the product develops overnight & wake up looking like a beach babe! $35

Be careful with face masks 3 weeks before your special day as this is how long it can take for any bacteria from a mask to appear creating blemishes, safely 4 weeks before the day is good, a microdermabrasion in advance is worth looking into please ask me for a referral of a professional beauty therapist in your area.

Get a good night’s sleep before the day, if you do go out it will show in your eyes and skin which in turn will show in your photographs.

The night before lay all your garments out ready to be dressed including shoes, jewellery & under garments.

Prepare finger food such as sandwiches, fruit pieces, crackers & cheese, all bite sizes so that when your lipstick is on you can still eat, sometimes you will feel so nervous that you will not want to eat until you are running out the door, you can still make up a paper plate and take it with you in the car, it is better to graze throughout the morning rather than have one heavy meal.

Have non-alcoholic drinks available, use straws to drink with so that your lipstick stays on longer, continue this throughout the day.

Photos should be taken around about 2 hours before the ceremony, if the ceremony begins at say 11:00 am with 4 people in the bridal party. With makeup and hair you day should go like this……

Deb’s Natural Makeup

11:00 am – Hair & makeup begins on the Mother of the

Bride & Groom, bridesmaids and bride.

01:30 pm – Bridesmaids dress the bride

02:00 pm – Photographer arrives to take bridal party photos

02:30 pm – Drive to the ceremony

03:00 pm – Ceremony begins



On the day

Quality makeup brushes

• Please ensure that you have cleansed, toned & moisturised your skin before I arrive.

• If you have to wash your hair please ensure that it is completely dry, I prefer dirty hair as it is easier to style. If your hair is curly or wavy please have it blow-waved or straightened the night before for the best results on the day. If it is raining or there is high humidity you will need a small can of hairspray to maintain your hairstyle.

• Please remove all of your jewellery & wear a button up top or robe during your makeup application.

• Your makeup will stay on the entire day, if you have oily skin you may get some shine down your T-zone, use some tissues to blot off the excess oil’s, you may need to reapply your lipstick depending on how careful you have been.

Purchase your lipstick or gloss before hand so that you can touch up through out the day or I can bring a range on request from $10-$35

My goal when you reach the isle in front of your groom and for him know that your are the most beautiful women and that he make the right decision in committing his life to you.

I have attended to many weddings as a professional and I know what look is best for you & your bridal party when I see you, therefore it is not necessary for you to have a trial.

Quality lipsticks to purchase

If you feel that you would like a trial I would advise that you have it booked on your hen’s night so that you can utilize the look & you will be able to view the photos from the evening.

Be sure that you are positive on the hair ups that your bridal party desire as once the hair product is applied to the hair and it is set, it is then difficult to then remove product to change the hair style.

I am an expert and cater for European, Maori, Polynesian and Asian skin tones, please feel free to contact me for free honest advice.

Kind Regards Nga Mihi                                                                                                                                                                                              BIANCA FALLON|Beauty.Hair.Makeup

To book Bianca feel free to email her at

Jade Bride


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  1. Wendy Hickey

    I’m Wendy from Toowoomba, Qld and am unable to attend my sister’s 50th in Auckland this March! I would like to pay for her hair and makeup to be done on the 6th.
    1. Are you available
    2. How much would this be
    Thanks! 😉

    1. Kia ora Wendy what a kind present, yes I am available makeup is $100 and hair depends on the hairstyle $50-90, if you would like to email me on I can provide you with more information 🙂

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