Do you need your Teeth Whitened?

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

Once a year I like to have my teeth whitened safely, quickly & hopefully pain free, the best part is I did not have to leave the house as this service is now an in home treatment, work or salon & there are clinics that you can go to in your area.

If you consume coffee, tea, cola, red wine, every day foods such as beetroot or are a smoker you would be a perfect candidate for a spruce up under the laser as it is ideal for most people with light to medium discolouration. After a 60 minute treatment, your teeth can be 2-8 shades lighter, depending on how much abuse you have given them in the past, & the process lasts 6months-2years depending on your dental hygiene, dietary habits, smoking, medications & age.

People with medium to heavy discolouration will notice a difference & the procedure can be done on people who have plates, bridges, crowns, false teeth, veneers, caps, fillings taking the staining off back to the original colour they were made at, but they cannot whiten anything false. The procedure will not harm dental work & an added bonus is that your teeth are cleaned & plaque is removed for a whiter smile.

They also offer Euro Non Sensitive for clients with extreme tooth sensitivity or a history of gum disease, allergies to peroxide or hydrogen peroxide for clients with tooth sensitivity & stubborn staining. You have to fill out a medical form prior to your  appointment to determine if your able to have the procedure, so please avoid this treatment if you are pregnant, have gum disease, are under 15 years, with certain medical conditions or allergies.

Before and afterI simply contacted them to make a booking & they sent me an email booking, you must read all of the information carefully & remember not to brush your teeth four hours before as this can block the whitening process. You can eat afterwards however your teeth become porous (like blotting paper) & it is recommended for the first 24 hours to avoid tea, coffee, smoking, dark coloured soft drinks, red wines, berries, beetroot & curry etc.

Your qualified technician will match your starting tooth colour to a shade guide & depending on where you fall on this guide will determine the length of treatment you will most benefit from. A wax coating is applied to protect you from any whitening gel getting on the gums using a special whitening agent that is applied to the teeth, the LED light is then positioned in front of your mouth. The spectrum blue LED light focuses energy directly onto the ingredients in the whitening gel causing an oxidisation (reaction) which accelerates the rate at which the gel penetrates into the tooth, but don’t worry it does not burn as this blue light does not heat up.

Blue light

The key to the success of this whitening system is the patented blue light technology, which increases the potency of whitening in a fraction of the time only taking 30 minutes for any whitening agent to safely reach through the tooth enamel to the Dentin to whiten the teeth correctly.

dentinThe “Euro” treatment $699 (Non Sensitive Gel)               Current special $299!

Ideal for people with extreme tooth sensitivity, whether this be from gum disease, dehydrated teeth from previous teeth whitening treatments, or for people who have an allergy to peroxide

The “Follow-up” treatment at only $199 (Non Sensitive Gel)                                                       

Ideal for top-ups, or continuing working down through the enamel to lift out stubborn long-term staining. This is available for existing clients only. A 40-60 minute LED light accelerated in chair teeth whitening treatment.

The “Wow Factor” treatment $699 (Hydrogen Peroxide Gel)             Current special $299!        

Ideal for most people with light to medium discolouration from tea, coffee, cola, red wine smoking, or just the every day foods consumed that has colour. This is our most popular treatment that dramatically lightens all tooth shades. A 60 minute-LED laser light accelerated, in chair teeth whitening treatment.

The “Follow-up” treatment $149 (Hydrogen Peroxide Gel)                                                       

Ideal for top-ups, or continuing working down through the enamel to lift out stubborn long term staining. This is available for existing clients only. A 40-60 minute LED light accelerated, in chair teeth whitening treatment.

Consultations $60:00                                                                                                              

Please allow 15 minutes for your pre-consult which includes an oral cavity inspection, where they will check for gum disease, plaque & tartar build-up, visible tooth damage, cracked or broken teeth. A colour match is taken to determine the length of treatment required for you.   Note: This does not include a scale & clean. You should allow 14 days before having your teeth whitened after your hygienist appointment which will insure you have no risk of infection or sensitivity during the whitening treatment.

The “Home Maintenance Kit”   

This is recommended for people who smoke, crooked teeth, plaque, top up for special occasions, genetic yellowing, medications, drink coffee, tea, cola, & red wine drinkers that are not that good at rinsing afterwards.

Includes: A 2g Euro Non Sensitive Whitening Pen and LED light $125

Includes: A 2g Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Pen and LED light $99

NB – Refills are less $10 on the above prices.

Group Discounts: They have discount rates for groups of six or more or host a teeth whitening party with a group of 5 or more at your home, work, or given venue, & you the host will get your teeth whitened for free! Bonus they will bring the bubbles, white of course!

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Teeth Whitening equipment and dental grade gels & products are sourced from overseas & conform to F.D.A. standards & I.S.O. standards. The teeth whitening technicians are fully trained & certified in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening as well as certified by N.Z. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association) which regulates the health & safety of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Standards in N.Z. for your own health & safety.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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