Trealise Cooper Winter 2014 N.Z.F.W.

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

Trelise Cooper is a huge part of N.Z.F.W. showing each year since it’s conception.

With three shows organised for the 2013 shows, Coop Winter 2014 is her youth label and also her signature collection Trelise Cooper Winter 2014 showing twice in one day, one show for the buyers and another evening show for her sponsors all in a two day period.

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With around 140 garments in each show Trelise has productions not fashion shows. She puts so much thought and effort into them with this year taking 50-60 minutes to seat everyone in The Westpac Tent.

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The setting for this mammoth show was the Westpac Tent, New Zealand Fashion Weeks largest arena which featured the huge stage raised to eye level, so for me sitting front row was not the one as all you could see was the models feet. Fourth row up was the place to be on the aisle as each model stopped criss crossing the stage.
The first part was far removed from anything I have seen Trelise produce very punk with tartans, studs and models sporting up to three piercings in their noses & lips with black lipstick and huge beehive bouffant French rolls her.
Trelise’s fabrics are always a stand out for her collections and this range was also very individual.

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Half way through the show a large tepee was brought down from the roof & changed the entire atmosphere which was targeted to a more mature audience who are Trelise’s bread & butter, the Remuera ladies that love the frills and signature fabrics.

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The pictures really do speak for themselves as there are so many garments of all description’s it is hard to pin point a theme and easier to just show you my stand out pictures.

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The real triumph was when Miss Cooper took to the catwalk herself and she could’ve been mistaken for one of the models, damn she looked the best I have ever seen her, healthy and glowing and hopefully the international buyers will keep her even busier this season.

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