Win Thin Lizzy|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

It is that time again where Media|Makeup gives you the chance to win one years supply of our favorite Thin Lizzy cosmetics!

Simply join Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist on face-book page & be into win!

Emma Hand was our last competition winner last time & you could be as happy as she was

She received a years supply of the correct perfect and  enhance kit that is four lots of the  mineral foundation & a brush, 6in1 professional powder & a brush, concealer & a brush, lip balm & a liquid eyeliner!


 The winner of a years supply of Thin Lizzy is …..

Emma Hand congratulations Emma please private message me at to collect your prize 🙂

Hello! Oh yay oh yay oh yay!!!!! YAY!!! AAaAAArghhhh!!! YAY! okay I am a tad
excited… I am SO STOKED to have won the Years Supply of Thin Lizzie!
Its a product I love and love to share with friends and so go through it like popcorn at the movies!!Truly a massive blessing for me, as with new music projects on and starting to put myself out there as a performer/singer, I am really looking at tightening up the bolts on my look and take more care with my appearance in general, everyday! I’ve realised I never know what life is going to throw at me, but I wanna face it, with my best face, most confident face, and Thin Lizzie really helps!! Whats the deal with a ‘Years Supply’ do I need to provide an address? LOVE AND GRATITUDE ❤
Anything I can do to help you in your endeavors, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂
Emma Hand

Full Foundation Application Tutorial here

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

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