Contempory Marilyn Monroe|Tutorial

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist

One of the 21st centuries most photographed silver screen icons Marilyn Monroe was a the epitome of feminine beauty from her curves through to her now classic makeup. Here I have given her signature red lips and contoured eye makeup a modern twist & it is so quick & easy to achieve, just pop on some false lashes, a beauty spot & a blonde wig and your set to wow the masses just like this beautiful women did years ago.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
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  1. Bianca,, I want a new foundation colour. I’m so brown on my face- don’t growl, I know!!, Was thinking of a mineral powder so i can shade it darker for now but am concerned that as my skin is so dry it will dry it out more. Had a try at a chemist and looked bad but then a friend told me the mineral powder settles into the skin and my facial oils will work with it. I don’t want to buy and then not use it. Your thoughts please trusted friend other than –‘get a hat!’ X

    1. Hi Deb the dryness from your skin is due to lack of sun protection with an SPF which mineral powders do contain or try a tinted moisturiser. Trying the product on in the chemist and then looking at it after 5mins once the minerals have settled on the skin in natural light is the best option then again at home after an hour to see if you like the colour, if you can see the product it is the wrong shade.
      Skincare wise you require a moisturising cleanser, evening facial moisturiser and eye cream and drinking water will also help.
      Thin Lizzy is a great starting point for mineral cosmetics.
      Hat, sunglasses and SPF are a must in Summer time x

  2. Grreat reading your blog

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