The Best of N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

The best of the best and a few little inside gems for you all.

Best area to be seen: The Bloggers area was right by the front door we saw you all coming and going.
New Best Friends: Writers Sammy Salsa and Sopheak Seng they have brain’s, great style and talent, respect to you both x

Truly Outrageous Show

Best Entertainment: Phoenix Truly Outrageous Makeup Show.
Best Collection: DMonic Intent New Generation Ready to Wear

DMonic Intent

Best Drink: Sugar-free Red Bull during the day Stoli Vodka Red at night.

Best Food: Bring your own lunch it is the only way to go.

Best way to get there: Public transport, no worries about parking, change or tickets!
Best Gimmick: Remix cover photos, the Remix team worked so hard and were always polite and kind even when I went back like 4x in one day!

Best Rumor: Overheard at a party away from N.Z.F.W. “Oh my god Bianca Fallon made the cover of REMIX!”

Best P.R: Showroom 22 were so organised they sent out their invites a week before N.Z.F.W. some teams were still doing the seating plans the night before!

Best ‘I’m too Cool for Skool’: Mino of Four Eyes, I love his styling but when you are shown to a seat gratefully accept it as your colleagues humbly did when shown to the third row. Mino would not be seen dead anywhere but first row and chose to opt for taking photos in the pit. Keep it real bro your lucky to get a seat, your not a buyer and we ALL saw it, but thanks for the laugh.

Danny, Mino, Chin and Alex.

Best Snub: The sun glass wearing Thane Kirby walks straight past colleagues Ricardo Simich and Andy Pickering at the Charlie Brown show, yes we ALL saw you Thane and we saw the look that the lads gave each other.
Best Song that was totally overdone: Florence and the Machine were heard at so many shows, please just stop already.
Best Seats: If not the first row then row three, ditch the second row as it is too low, but grab your goodie bag first!

KAGI Cognac Bud Pendant

Best Goodie Bag: KAGI Birds of Paradise, everyone received a beautiful necklace.

Best Day: Day 3, the shows were spread out enough for us to work, write, network and then socialise at the onsite Stoli Vodka party, they made it so easy.

Best Cat Fight: Murray Bevan of Showroom 22 attempting to get Glenn Hunt (former Pavement Creative Director) thrown out of N.Z.F.W. …so Glenn has called you a cunt in the past surely that is no reason to get someone kicked out! LOL

Best Prediction: Every year they say N.Z.F.W. won’t be back ” Yeah Right” see you next year!
Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922



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