Daniel K N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

A highlight of the New Generation fashion show was Auckland based brand Daniel K designer Vanessa Kim presents the ‘Ombres Chinoises’ collection inspired by work of Chritian Boltanski, ‘Play of shadows’. Questioning oblivion & living with your own memories, remembering, forgetting, hurtful things that scar, growing up and developing your identity. Interpreting your memories, perception and maturity through fabric, patterns and designs using the rope as a symbol of perception.

A rope themed design featured throughout the fabrics in this collection and it is smarter than the look at me you know I am wearing “such and such label” designs I have seen this week.
The design cleverly added interest to the garments without dominating and taking away from them.
A rope silk top with half sleeves in beige and grey ropes print, blouse dress stone blue/beige, rope blouse and rope leggings in green/grey.

The rope fabric, mid calf length dress in dominating grey with beige rope and red bleeding silicon around the neckline along with a black dress with more interesting 3D surface enhanced fabric in silicon rope, in red bleeding down the neckline.

Olive green and black garments also featured, olive pants, black and olive paneled sleeveless top, Black jacket, olive and green paneled dress, black wide knee length shorts, with a maxi knit cardi and long ankle length tan or olive green cardigan.

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922



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