27 Names N.Z.F.W.|Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup

This label is cute as a button and meeting the designers, as an Image Stylist I can see that they design what they would like to wear themselves.
Think Wendy dolls, school uniforms with drop waists, round necks with collars, mid-thigh length pinafores, socks with frills and Mary-Jane shoes, get the picture?

Their Winter collection ‘I thought you’d never ask’ emerged from the first line of Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot: “To start with, look at all the books”.
So back they went to sixth form taking inspiration from female novelists from the nineteenth century, hand printed silks beside bright multi-colours and polka dots.

Delivered today were hues of cream, white, olive, grey scarlet red/burnt orange, prints with different coloured large polka dots, navy with white polka dots themed throughout in knee length dresses, a jumpsuit and drawstring shorts.

Delicate lace mid thigh length dresses with long sleeves in a contrasting heavier lace fabric, another skirt in black delicate lace with a long-sleeved chiffon top both with high round collars.

Next were gypsy like drop waist dresses, mid-thigh with high round necks, one with no sleeves and a chiffon skirt with tiny gathers at the waistline and an olive-green top with gold sequence covering the front, another with black fabric with round shapes on the skirt, the top half in a different black fabric with two frills down the front starting at the shoulders coming down into a V at the naval, within this V more gold sequence and a round collar and a small black chiffon mini sleeve.

A black suit, an overcoat, tailored pants were also part of this wearable street wear collection.

Designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart have degrees in art and fashion design, creating their label in 2006 and now have stores across New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Bianca dressed by Talosia Designs
Bianca’s Accessories from Bird of Prey

Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922


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