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Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup
My favorite seminar of the year so far was at the New Zealand Fashion Festival.
The event kicked off  with forty-six leading designers and fashion houses presenting small collections of around ten looks for the coming Autumn and Winter season.
Decent fashion events are hard to come by in little ole N.Z and this is the biggest public event in its third year, the NZ Fashion Week production team led by Myken Stewart answered the public and honed their skills to out do themselves this time with a venue change and a new layout I certainly was impressed and eager for more.

Jenene Crossman N.Z. Girl & Flossie

Each evening began with a must attend seminars from our industry leaders with the first delivered by high school drop out Jenene Crossman of website fame and her advise on five easy steps to becoming a magazine editor, not as easy fete as a profession.
This women knows her stuff with 100 000 subscribers and 27 000 pages archived on Google she was around before Facebook, Google and tweeting, seems hard to believe doesn’t it.
Jenene introduced her seminar with a short history of magazine editing and a lesson on the European fashion round table and the ripple effect from the evolution of the internet and how the power has shifted as a result of information being immediately available to consumers, not six weeks after a catwalk show but in real-time.
Bloggers who previously had to hustle to even be allowed into a fashion show are now being gifted front row seating, we are blogging and tweeting from the venue within hours which makes us key influences delivering recommendations quickly to the masses, as word of mouth marketing is still number one when your friends and family are seeking trusted a referral with regards to spending their hard-earned money.
We are all aware that the market is changing but Jenene does admit that she, and she is not alone, it making it up as she goes along.

Here are the points that I took on board…
Subject…do you have one? You can’t be an influencer without a subject, expertise or opinion in your selected field, choose a subject that you enjoy and you can have fun writing about it.
Write…start writing every day, tweet, blog, Facebook get your opinion out there.
Free…provide your content for free to your audience and to publishers, then once you have built up enough of a following and if you choose to move on they will not want to lose you and will hopefully pay for your work.
Be useful…get to know PR agents and magazine editors, and highlight to them what coverage their business will receive from your proposed partnership with you therefore providing benefits for their company and making you the number one go to person.
Five years…then repeat this process for the next five years, yip sorry folks, five whole years, possibly without pay or sponsorship for the first two years.
And as someone who is already going down that path you must be passionate about anything that you want to achieve in the fashion or creative industries and a magazine editor is the most coveted position and is not for the faint hearted.
I thoroughly enjoyed Jenene’s presentation and I learnt a lot, I think that I want to work for her. She is revamping the look of NZ Girl and is also launching a new website titled flossy that will offer beauty vouchers and more.
It is so inspiring to watch New Zealander’s doing well and enjoying their work.
Bianca dressed by
Bianca Fallon|Beauty.Hair.Makeup|Freelance Makeup Artist
Cellular: 027 276 9545
Office: 09 443 7922



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